Anyone Got a Script?

I’ve been wondering if anyone has create a script that will copy the path of a clip on the timeline and then go to that path where the source material is. Would use it all the time.

I like @MikeV 's reveal script: Reveal Path — Flame Python Scripts


That would be exactly it. However it seems to work for the media panel and not the media hub. tried installing it automatically and then manually.
Running 2024.1

Gotcha. What about under Match when you right-click-> Reveal in Media Panel?

That does work, if the clip is located there it will select it.

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Are you wanting to be able to click on a segment in a timeline in the timeline tab and reveal it in the mediahub? If so, it should do that if the clip has a path.


Oh yes @MikeV This is a good one :hugs:

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Working great now. Thank you @MikeV

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