Crash zoom to earth

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I’ve got to do a crash zoom to earth/street view from space. The after effects tutorials on the internet are ok and I have got the ball rolling, I thought i’d ask here for some tips/ideas.


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I had to do a zoom out recently and created some “CG” clouds in flame to help with the zoom through effect, it worked out really nicely. This was how I did it:


I’ve had do to this a few times and I would recommend using a similar expression to the AE tutorials. This was the simplest I’ve used: exp(ctrl.position.x/100)
Obviously, you’ll need to create an Axis called “ctrl” and use its X Position to control the scale.

Most recently, we found a nice stock element for the space view, zoomed into that, passed through some clouds to transition to a section that used nested stills, then passed through some more clouds to transition to a render from Unreal. The Unreal render passes by a tree and helped us blend to the live action plate. Apparently there’s an Unreal plugin that has photogrammetry of sections of cities. If that’s an option, use it. It really added some dimension when you get down closer to the street. Also mixing in “The Noise” matchbox shader with a noise type of Fractal can help with a feeling of flying through atmosphere.


Alternately if you don’t want to muck about with exponential x/y scaling curves, you can just animate position.z with linear interpolation instead.


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