Create convincing Sea in Flame

Apologies if this has been asked before. I had a quick search but didn’t spot it. Has anyone found a good tool or technique for generating convincing waves in Flame? I have an aerial shot and need to extend the sea fairly significantly. But there is only a tiny portion of useable sea that I can duplicate. So probably looking to replace the lot. It’s an aerial shot from a drone if that helps. Waves fairly calm. Thanks

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This sea shader matchbox?

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This is not something I’d attempt in Flame.


Do an extensive stock footage search…you may get lucky with an element that’s the same angle.

My dirty little secret (when I’m desperate) is to google: After Effects tutorial.

Like this:

And I translate the techniques in flame or just use AE to make an element to plugin.


Yeah that was gut feeling but thought I would see if anyone had struck gold with a technique.

I think stock will be my first port of call. Had a quick look yesterday and there may be some options. I just wanted to get as many options available to present and hopefully find a good solution in one or combination of them. Thanks for all the replies.

is this one called ocean shader? Had a look and that’s the only one I found? Thanks

You could use blender. There are a lot of tutorials 10 min tops to make stuff.
Have a look


Hi @mattc,
I was away from the box when I sent the message and yes I linked to the one in But now at the office, I sort of remember having used a more comprehensive version, though I can’t seem to find it… The one I remember using had more controls…
Maybe it was one of the shaders here.

Sorry if I misled you…

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I used the heck out of Ivar’s ocean shader in my old one-frame-of-white:

Use the map as a displacement, apply an HDR for the reflections, apply a physical shader and you should be able to get pretty good water behavior for cheap. You could key the highlights to make foam or whitecaps. It’s never gonna be as nice as Houdini or some dedicated 3d app, but for background stuff it’s quite good.

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heh I totally do this too! LOL

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Thanks everyone for the responses. Plenty to try here.