Crazy idea - Logik Hive Mind - small group meetups

Hey everybody,

I’m seeking members of the community that would be interested in joining weekly small group meetings of 4-5 people.

Based loosely on the popular Mastermind format, the Logik Hive Mind would be 4-5 person groups, committing to weekly calls/meetings/zooms, all looking for a similar purpose or support. Each weekly meeting is 90 minutes.

Rough layout…
week 1 = introduction
weeks 2-7 = each participant takes turns being in the “hot seat” where the entirely of the focus is on helping you flush out your particular goal and providing you with some relevant expertise and, most importantly, accountability.
week 8 = finalizing your plan of action

For example, I’d love to connect with members of the community that struggle with self care. I have a real difficult time taking care of myself consistently and would love some support and accountability to make lasting behavior changes.

Maybe you are a 20-something artist at a small company and could use some instant friends and comrades?

Maybe you are an established artist that is transitioning to freelance or making a significant transition in your career.

Maybe you are feeling stuck and could use some time with someone that has managed a team of Flame artists for some perspective.

Maybe you run a small business and could use a small “board of directors” group that can advise or offer support.

If you are interested, please message me privately with your name, time zone, and a super brief description of what you’d like to achieve.


Did this ever come about?

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As a matter of fact, this has actually begun. There’s a small group of us trialing a weekly call. It’s small, and slightly messier and less operationally structured and sound than I’d prefer it to be (all my fault!) but it does seem to be working and helpful for those that are seeking more intimate and relevant advice.

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Id love to get involved after the trial if all is ok?

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