Seeking Artists for community building


I’m seeking artists of all levels to help build and moderate personally relevant private groups to better serve micro communities.

In other words, if you are keen to connect with and support people going through something that you are at the moment, I’d love to hear about it.

Some examples could be…

  • new to flame?
  • new to freelance?
  • recently laid off/made redundant?
  • geographical groups?
  • persons of color?
  • new parents?
  • queer?
  • career advice?

Please message me privately if you’d like to get involved. Thanks.


Not sure if he’s aware of the site yet, but Steven Wind at Carbon CHI might be up for this.

Thanks @vfxjamie, I’ll keep an eye out. I also opened the question up quite a bit.

I’m down to help with some of these. The first three are in my wheelhouse.


Awesome. Thanks @andy_dill. Messaging you shortly.

thanks @Quinn. Messaging you…

How do I message you privately from here??

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Never mind figured it out

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I can help with “new to freelance” and “career advice” :slight_smile:

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I’d like to think I can help people with Connected Conform. I’ve been involved in the beta development and training of it since the inception. Let me know what I can do.


Hey Randy

As bryanb kindly offered his help on connected conform, I would be available to answer questions about particles any time. I realize this thread is more for personally relevant and social issues, but maybe it would make sense to create micro-communities for technical areas of expertise.

My 2c

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nice! I messaged ya.

Nice! A lot of us are familiar with your expertise so we will surely call upon you. I think you just being here is rad and is enough, but, if you have other things in mind, let me know. Did you want to create more content? Be a resource? Lounge and watch us struggle with what comes so naturally to you? All the above?

Please snoop around and we’re so thankful to see you 'round these parts!

Sinan! Great to see you. Hmm, let me have a think about those kinds of smaller communities. My first gut feeling was to go with things that made Facebook challenging…namely, having access to personal and relevant relationships…so I haven’t even gotten to where you are thinking yet. Facebook was great at being available, but, I’d argue the content is disposable, and the lack of organization means its tough to really connect with people in a meaningful way.

How does this take shape in your head? What are some things you are looking for out of this resource? Watcha Thinkin?


Hey, this is a great idea. It’d be rad for us to have a pinned/sticky Topic where people that are new to Flame can go. Wanna have a think about what that looks like?

Hi Randy,

I think I understand your initiative about keeping this a more involved community. I just wanted to chip in and offer my services if you decided to create technical mini-forums. Maybe just tagging posts might work for the time being.


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Hi, Logikers. I work mainly as a color person for last decade. Feel free to ask anything related to color, color grading, color management, monitor calibration etc.



I am here to help! I am good for things like mentoring or life work balance - communication etc…the non-hotkey kinda help if anyone is feeling the need - I do know the occasional hotkey too of course :slight_smile:

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