Create a page curl in Action?

is there a way to create a 3d Page curl in Action? Flashback to the 1990’s!!

I have the Logik matchbox version (PageCurl_3vls1) - which does a very nice looking curl, but it seem to be constricted to working on a frame sized input, and it will not apply the curl over a specific background.

I need to be able to curl a poster from off screen to its final position, thus seeing the edges of the poster as it curls onto the background. I tried Extended Bicubics, but find it almost impossible to control.
I looked on Sapphire OFX and can’t find anything that looks suitable.

Anyone able to suggest a solution?
thanks in advance

a deform mesh is one option

i’m trying that now, but its not much better than extended bicubics!

if you shape the deform to be like a letter J, and then animate it across, that should work. I used to place an HD image in a 4k plate surrounded by black.

thank you…I just realised wh i was getting so puzzled - i’m trying to animate the shape of the deformer, but after your comment i think it should just be a fixed shape passed across the surface to change its look.

fingers crossed!

yes, it would be the deformation mesh that animates across the source:

how are you shaping it like that?
i’m stuck with a cube and struggling to change its settings. Your’s looks more like a twisted plane

It’s possible by selecting and transforming. I’ll attach an action setup from 2021.1 (55.0 KB)

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thanks Peter - i better go update as i’m on 2021.0

Works perfectly Peter…thanks very much.
just need to figure out how you created that shape, as i’m still struggling with that bit!

There used to be a downloadable action setup over on fxguide. I couldn’t find it, but did find this old tutorial:

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You may want to give that Matchbok shader a try, but it’s old and won’t work in Action. It may be a good challenge for @ivar to refresh it or do a new one.

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tried that one first Fred - looks great but it only works on a full frame, where i wanted it to apply to a smaller image within the frame. The deform mesh worked perfectly for my needs (once Peter had explained how it worked!)