Deform Mesh question

Can anyone recommend a tutorial that might show how to re-create the classic disney effect of pages in a big book being turned over.

All the Deforms i have done in the past involved surfaces being taken off screen, and i have no clue how to fix one side to a book spine!


Hey @Lightningad

It’s not really possible to pin a side of the surface to the spine, I think. I have done page curls with the deform node in action, but it only worked for simple things like a page curl or sticker labeling sort of things, for me.

I had had an alembic from the 3D department once that I could import into action but it’s long lost now.

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Hi @Sinan … i think i figured out a way!

Its setup using a page curl i made a few years back for a page being ripped off, but it found if it animate the end point of the deform animation to line up exactly with the edge of the page, and have a slight rotation at the start then i get the exact look i was hoping for.

Now i just need to figure out the number of pages to put in the book!

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That’s a trick I tried (and failed). The important thing was to keep the page from stretching while I was doing the deform animation. I had ex-bicubics as well so maybe that further complicated my setup.

i’m steering clear of ext bicubics for this…not needed.

When i get it finished i might save out the setup and put it on the forum for whoever might want one (assuming it actually works!)

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I can export something for you if you are up for an alembic cache

You can at least use it as a template to deform (and animate) your bicubics


This makes me wish for Houdini Engine in Flame. They already have such a thing for Unreal Engine where the Houdini artist creates a setup and exposes parameters for realtime interaction in Unreal Engine.


So cool that you can tweak page numbers and book thinkness so fast.