Create OFX Node & Specify Plug-in

I’m feeling a bit dim over here…I’m trying to write a hook that will add a Neat Video OFX node to a batch but I can’t seem to figure out how to specify which plug-in to load.

I’ve played around with creating one and using the console to get any info for the selected node but then it won’t even return the attributes to help me back track and piece it together.

import flame
item = flame.batch.selected_nodes
print (item)
print (item.attributes)

The first print returns a flame.PyOFXNode object but then the second errors out when I was expecting to see, hopefully, “plugin_name” and then pick away from there.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated, thanks.

I usually do something like this:

ofx = flame.batch.create_node(“OpenFX”)
ofx.change_plugin(“Reduce Noise v5”) = ‘NeatDeNoise’

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Ah cool, thank you. I’m having a special day today clearly!