Batch FX: creating node connections - STUCK ON LAUNCH

My project, which is pretty simple is getting hung up on “batch FX: creating node connections” during the start of the project.
Is there anyway to get around this? I’m using Flame 2023.3, on linux.

@feganflamer - you might try setting up a dummy project and launching that.
Then use the MediaHub->Projects tab to access the clip on the desktop of your work project.
This sometimes permits access to problematic objects.

Thanks! I tried that, and it brings over the same problems

@feganflamer035 - do you have any missing media in the BFX?
neat video?
motion estimation?
machine learning?

Can you open the BFX batch group in an empty project?

I don’t change the defaults so if I made a BFX it would be saved to:

I dont. I’m just going to bring my batch setups over for each clip and see if that fixes anything.

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