OFX plug in crashing

Hey All,

Wondering if anyone has encountered this. I’m installing Flame 2022.1 on OSX and I have the error message saying “An OpenFX plug-in caused a crash”

I looked at the log (in pdf form below) can anyone tell me which one it is and how to ignore it by adding it to the cf_ofx_ignores_list.cfg

thanks so much for any knowledge in solving this issue

flame20221_hardaves-ipro-7_app.pdf (74.3 KB)

Hi @Hardave,

I hope you are well,

Would you mind sharing the corresponding shell.log?


Hello Yann,

Thanks for responding. I have uploaded a PDF. I’m having trouble uploading the actual log file to the forum

I have also emailed you directly the log file so you can take a look at them.

thanks for taking a look.

flame20221_hardaves-ipro-7_app.pdf (74.3 KB)


To close the loop on this discussion, the plugin causing the crash was BCC+.ofx.bundle.


Thanks Yann!

To avoid it from loading I entered (BBC+.ofx.bundle) into the “cf_ofx_ignore_list.cfg” file under opt/Autodesk/presets/2022.1/status/ folder and Flame bypassed on start up.