Create Project Folder script

I dropped a new script onto the Logik Portal if anyone is interested. It will create a customizable job folder structure on file system for the current project being launched in Flame. Whenever a project is launched it will check the file system to see if a job folder already exists, if not if will prompt you to create one. Tokens for the Flame project name and project nick name can be used to define the project paths. Such as:


The path and folder structure can all be set from the Setup menu here:

Flame Main Menu → pyFlame → Create Project Folder Setup



I made a little update to this that will now let you create custom default libraries and folders when starting up a new project.



We need a really simple python script whereby we right-click a library, it asks for a path to a containing folder on networked storage, and then creates an empty folder structure there, matching the empty folder structure we’ve already made within the Flame library. We need those empty folders ready to receive Flame exports later. The structure will be different each time we use it in different projects.

Currently my workaround is to stick a frame of media in each empty Flame folder at the bottom of the tree, export the lot, and then manually delete the frames of media from storage and Flame library - not very elegant.

I’ve tried to unpick @MikeV’s script here, as it probably contains what we need, but I’m still way too much of a Python noob to manage it. Is this simpler script a thing which someone has already made by any chance?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

if you have not yet ventured into the Python API, I would say that this kind of project is a very good one for anybody wanting to explore Python! If you look at the examples we provide with Flame and our documentation and some googling, you should be able to get to a solution for your needs and learn a lot.

The OS Python module would be your friend for this.

I am sure many here have a script like that they could share so wait some minutes if Python is not your thing.


Thanks for your reply Stéphane. Yes I know, this is a straightforward script to write if you are familiar with Python! I would like Python to be my thing but I’ve been trying to learn it for a while (via all the methods you mention, plus a couple of Logik Lives and all the threads here) but only get a few days a year free to do so. So - for me at least - it’s extremely slow going…

Hence left hoping that the ever-generous members here can give some pointers.

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I had a little free time today and I was able to whip something up quick that should hopefully do what you’re looking for. I added it to the Logik Portal. The script is called Folders to File System. Just right click on any library or folder → Folders to File System → select where you want the folders to be created and any folders in the selected Library or Folder will be created in the selected destination folder.



@MikeV thank you so, so much for this! Checked in 2022 and all working perfectly.
Really good of you to take the time to build it. And I can pick through the script to further my learning.
Thanks again :+1:

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