Flame new project - edit?

When flame creates a project, it makes a library and an empty sequence. Does anyone know if it’s possible to edit this to create a bespoke colelction of libraries and content?

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I think @andymilkis might have some nifty python scripts for that. I keep a set of templates in a project and drag them into my new project each time.

Me too. I was thinking it might be useful to automate for freelancers using our kit.

One thing you could do is to put some python code in the app_initialized() but you would need to validate if you have already created the structure. You could also request a project_created() hook.

The other solution would be to use the wiretap api.

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What I do have is an archive. I could make the archive so it only contains soft imported media. Would this be possible to restore on startup using the app initialised?

Thanks @ytf I do have a Python script that creates a default set of libraries, folders, etc. I’ll post it up here later today or tomorrow with some instructions on how to modify it. Mine has to be run after flame starts up, but like @fredwarren said it is possible to run it on start application. In my experience I prefer to run it as needed. I have it mapped to a hotkey.


Hey John

Give the Create Project Folders script on the Logik Portal a try. It might do what you’re looking for.


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Hi Mike

The project folders is a great tool - trouble is that I have a bunch of libraries with customs setups and media inside which I would like to be created/imported. I think this falls outside the possibilities offered by your script.

Ah… yea that script won’t import any setups or media. It’ll just create libraries and folders for new projects.

Maybe it is a combination of “Copy Setups Mode” at the time of project creation, and then copy media from a pre saved template project?

I’m not sure if this works for your situation: I create a default project at the beginning of each new Flame release, and then use it for the base of each new project. It has the bookmarks, batch project bin, and other project setups.

Project Configuration:

Setup Mode box
Click to copy project setups from an existing project, or leave it alone to create new setups for the new project.

I dupe my external generic project directory and rename it to the new project name, After the new project is created, I then open an archive to import structured media hub folders.

I expect somebody with python skills could do something better than this.