How do you make a "start up project" template?

hello y’all!

when we start a new job, i have a flame default project where i grab my library folder structure and preset batch and reel desktops (now called “groups”… but f’ off, they are desktops now and forever)

i can’t seem to find a way to bring the items saved in the “explorer” thingy into a new project?
(that window you bring up by pressing “windows key”+escape)

or better yet, can i just have a preset to bring in all that stuff into every new job i create?

For the explorer thingy… is that the Search tool? I think that is saved with your user so it should come across to new projects

For the Library and Folder structure… I use three simple python scripts any time I create a new project. Maybe you can check them out and customize to your needs. I’ve been meaning to make this all one script but haven’t had time yet.

  • Library Name from Project - Right click on a Library and choose this to make the Library name the same as the Project. This is an organization thing for my projects. Libraries all start with the Project name and then I’ll add “_Edits” or “_Sources” etc.

  • Create Reel Group - Right click on a Library and choose this to create a new Reel Group with Sequences Reel, Source Reels, etc and colors them. Change the script to do more or less Reels. You can do this with folders too if you don’t like Reel Groups.

  • Clean Up Desktop - I do my work in the Libraries and use the Desktop as a kind of scratch-pad. This script deletes everything on the Desktop, creates 3 Reels and colors them green. (1.6 KB) (1.4 KB) (1016 Bytes)

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The Grabbed References and Timeline FX Libraries are not visible in the Media Panel but their content is available from MediaHub → Projects → Workspace → Libraries. This is the way to load TL FX and References from other projects into your current project.

However, you cannot drag one of these Libraries from the MediaHub to the Media Panel to to add them to your current project. You must move the content of these Libraries from the MediaHub to the Explorer itself.

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