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Hello boyz and girls
I know we don’t ask these kind of questions here, but I need some creative ideas about how to make a rain inside closed spaces, I am doing a titles design, and there are some shots of the set with a nice camera movement and empty spaces (interior / exterior) where I have to add rain drops, all my trials went by resulting cheesy non realistic outputs, I tried 3D rain, Action Preset rain nodes, didn’t try stock footage yet, but wanna hear before I purchse those from ActionFX, any ideas, is welcomed, here are some stills of the areas in questions.

Hi Chadi,

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you have in mind? Is it only falling rain? Do you want to make things look wet? Has it been raining for a while in your minds eye? Also, were you thinking of having the drops fall in real-time or is it more of a slow motion vibe?

Wet ground is already done, I quickly drafter a 3D camera mapping and a camera tracking, it is only a realistic rain drop, doesn’t matter if it is slow mo or not, just make it looks great

I would suggest creating a depth map and creting a depth cue, ie lower saturation&contrast and a little gain. Maybe some fractal texture to break it a bit.

Also clouds would cover the ceiling or make it darker to the top to give the illusion of storm clouds.

I guess you already got rid of cast shadows

Please share the finished version.
Good luck

I usually use multiple layers of mixed particles/stock footage; generated particles far from the camera, and a layer or two with stock footage near the camera.

And maybe you only see “the rain” where you have this brighter areas. Like where you have this localized spots of light.

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You can get great results with particles that are refractive, and have a lot of spec highlights.

Build up in layers so that you can apply realistic depth of field.