Sinan is doing a LIVE Particles show on Sunday - and he taking requests!

Our good friend @Sinan is doing a LIVE Particles show on Logik Live this Sunday (March 12). What would you like to see? Is there anything you’ve tried to make with Flame Particles that you’d like help with? Anything you always wanted to try but didn’t know where to start? Leave your requests in this thread and we’ll see you on Sunday!


Or hit us up live, during the show with your request for some improvised fun…


Steam off of “hot” food.

  • Fog bank with Zdepth output
  • Floating dust particles
    Thank you!

I had tackled steam from coffee/food in my videos from 2018.

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Floating dust is a good and easy one. I’ll start with it. Could you elaborate on the fog bank?


Basically a plane or box container with randomly distributed transparent sprites that you can lay on the scene among other solid objects. Sprites can be big enough to read as structured depth haze or as a bank of high or low level fog. I will try to put a Nuke example later today.

I think I did try to setup one in my OFoW archive… may be there somewhere.

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Thing with Flame particles is that each generator acts as a single object and if Z-buffer is on it will have antialiasing issues when intersecting with other objects. This makes it hard for volumetric effects.
But I have had some success with discrete particles like people in a crowd when used with z-depth output from action and comped several of them using z-comp from md_mark.

Alright! @Sinan doing Logik LIVE!

So I happen to agree with @ytf food steam is probably the most requested and therefore would probably be the most useful. I once had a lovely element that would warm up all of my KFC chicken but it seems to have fallen through some cracks.

I am fascinated by all of it so anything you show me I would lap up but I struggle with bouncers. I often want stuff to interact with things like edges of cars or the floor.

What about some sparks like a bullet hit :thinking: very topical for me atm :shushing_face:

Looking forward to seeing this :hugs:


Yup +1 for volumetric dust please. I have created it for a job, but I bet Sinan can do it better!

Static dust, gently falling dust, and turbulent dust as some options if poss.


One thing i was trying to create recently (and failed) was adding soap bubbles rolling along the ground.
We have a stopframe animation which has a mouse riding along a street on a bar of soap (i know! bizarre). we wanted to add a lather/soap suds effect trailing behind the soap. My attempts with Flame were terrible, and i think we found a way to get closer using C4d…but i’d love to see if its possible in Flame.

Not sure if this is possible but you don’t know unless you ask right?

Is it possible to put water droplets dripping down glass. Shower screen or car window

Great to see the feedback. OK, hot food steam is back on the list.
Sparks and variations on atmospheric dust are a go. Rolling soap bubbles, that should be interesting, let me work on that a bit…

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Hey @johnag,
I would use the Sweat matchbox for this. Particles in Flame do not work like proper fluid systems unfortunately. Keep in mind that this is an accumulating effect and and you should press play to see the animation, can’t scrub…

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How about some kind of “Flock of Birds” setup, when technically possible in Flame.

Logik Academy Particles part 2



@Sinan This is more or less what Im talking about:
pass: nukeparticles

Ok. This can be done but it will most probably have aliasing problems where they interact with the geometric objects.

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Hi Sinan,

It would be really cool to see how you would tackle an effect like at the end of this video where these light streaks wrap around this girl group For fun, and MUCH / ALL credit to Adam Flynn for this solve, we played around with creating this swirling, glowing energy effect with a basic 2D solution for the most part. An animated alpha out of G-mask drove the animation along with an imported geo to create the swirl effect. Adding a bunch of glows/textures/noise/blurs/ helped create the colorful streaks.

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 10.51.00 AM


Hi @Nerdtourist
I would probably use a 3D path and move a light along it creating particles with speed = 0. Much like the first example here.