Cut/copy & Paste in batch

Node doesnt paste under the cursor. Seems like it goes to a default global position in the batch schematic. Anyone else get this behaviour?

Linux Centos 7
Flame 2021.1.0.164


If it’s happening consistently record a screen recording of it and submit it to support. They seem to respond much quicker to bug that have a video clip attached, likely because they can more easily be reproduced.

@mtheo Youre right. I turn off broadcast monitor in prefs and the paste function works as expected.

Support, that was a bit of maze. Submitted bug feedback here:

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Hi @marky753,

The following link cannot be used to submit defect reports.

You need to open a ticket with our Technical Support team for this.


Hi @YannLaforest ,

I went in circles there as I dont have a subscription.
Customer support via chat directed me to the product feedback area.
They opened a case based off of that, so it seems to have reached the right people?


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I followed up with our Support team, and they have made an exception for your case.

Chat support should not have forwarded you to Product Feedback page to report defects. This is not the right channel to report defects.

We apologize for the confusion.


Thanks Yann,

Am I correct in thinking without a subscription I cannot report bugs?


Hi Marcus,


This is correct.

Defects are reported to Technical Support, and Technical Support assistance is available to users who are on subscription.

Please, let me know if you have any other questions.


@marky753 This problem has been fixed in Flame 2021.2 Update.


Aww snap! I love these kinds of posts. Nice one @fredwarren!

workaround is to use Ctrl+V hotkey instead of context menu ‘Paste’.
At least this solved it for me.

I was driving from Rhode Island to Vermont and somewhere in the middle of I-89 there was a deer carcass. I avoided it, and when I got to the state police station in Williston, I reported it. I wasn’t going to be driving that way again, but I wanted to make sure that as few people as possible would have to dodge the same deer carcass.

This should be bug reporting in Flame. I don’t need anyone to fix the bug for me, but I’d like to think there’s a useful way for me to help my fellow travelers.

“support” and “bug reporting” should be split. I had a godawful time at the Mill reporting bugs because the first question was always something about my license, which me as a dumbass never had–it’s a near miracle that I’m bothering to report a bug in the middle of production, I definitely don’t have time to call up engineering and see what all this license shit is about. If a lead op at a giant client can’t manage to report bugs easily, what hope does anyone have?

If I’m reporting the bug it’s because it’s likely to ruin other peoples’ day. Bugs aren’t an issue of, “well I’m not going to drive my car at all until this deer carcass is removed,” and shouldn’t be treated as such. By the time any bug gets fixed, I’ve delivered the spot in question.

I’m sure Autodesk doesn’t want all of us ham-fistedly firing off bug reports every six minutes, but I don’t think that will happen. We’re busy people. If we’re submitting bug reports it’s because we want to help.