Some very minor annoying things that never get fixed in every version ( or i need to change my ways)

only a minor inconvenience really as ive been using workarounds for my entire career but today started a new project with a fresh copy of 2023 flame in my office and i see the same things that either never get rectified in new releases or im doing something that i learnt ages ago and theres a better way of doing it! always the case right? I wonder if you all have some of these that wish autodesk would just address so our workarounds list can get a little shorter over the years. I always think the new version would address the peculiarities but no :

I always name my shots properly and setup my timelines cleanly. i match them to a fresh batch - names are all good on the desktop reels but in the batch they are not named as i had them. ( instead shows Camera names) - simple workaround each clip on desktop hit n and then enter ( as to rename them) and voila all correct in the batch schematic. Simple but annoying. why oh why i always wonder

Conforming a timeline even if all have a green checkmark and have found correct media i have to hit link to media multiple times sometimes even toggling the Limit handles on and off to get all the linking to stick. Easy workaround again but really? what is actually happening and why does it flag it and wont link but if i press the link sources again it will link just fine on the 2nd or 3rd try.
I almost always blame Co3 for this if they dont render enough frames but i dont think this is true always - but easy to blame them. lol

I worked on a decent car spot in NY shot back in around 2015 with a herd of cg cars and part of it was cleaning up the pot holes in Meatpacking district where nearly every car spot would shoot for the cool cobblestones and buildings - but i swear we as vfx artists have cleaned up that same stretch of road prob over 200 times collectively. I remember telling the client we should go and fix the actual road - it would have been cheaper to fix the problem so that we wouldnt spend hours refixing it in vfx. These little workarounds i swear have cost me at least 10 minutes of my life in the last couple of decades…


I’ve had the same thought about various locations around LA, but I suppose I should be happy with the make work project of painting out all the potholes in DTLA.

I too run into the “named clips become camera names after exploded out in a batch, but only on the batch screen”, and have done the same fix, for years.

It’s entirely possible no one’s flagged it. I feel like a LOT of stuff like that is just cos no one ran it up the flagpole. The Matte Edge node was broken for years when I finally got around to telling the devs and I was the first one to point it out to them.

I would disagree: we should go and do some damage to the place. Then we would get more work…


agreed. thank you gum chewers. you complete me my invoice.

Have you reported these issues to the Support team? I can guarantee you that we will never fix the issues we are not aware of.

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Hi Theo!

I know what you speak of… to avoid I do the below…
Match to a Desktop reel first, then drag it into the Batch Schematic.

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Have you ever made added them to the feedback portal? I’ve had 4 of these types of peeves addressed in the last two versions. It brings it to Discreet’s attention and it provides a barometer for how many other people are bothered by the same things. If you look at the “what’s new” for each release, there are bucket loads of things that have come from the feedback.

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Honestly never have! Where is the feedback portal, part of my autodesk account page?

Totally understand that! We all have to be responsible for flagging things to the support team but through the years there are a handful of artists that were beta testers or had a real interest in always writing to autodesk… then theres people like me that have been heads down doing the work without really having much contact with the developers and support. i was always too busy to get involved really - or after 10hrs wanted to go get a drink after work instead of testing out new bits of software or helping a dev team! but yes no excuse for me just some context for why issues dont get flagged sometimes.


It’s a common sentiment, but as someone who’s done a lot of feed-backing, it’s not particularly time consuming. Log into account, explain the issue you are having and suggest a solution.

And as you said, how much time is lost having to hop these small hurdles daily?

Two examples of feedback I’ve gotten addressed:

I was getting annoyed at the “all features on” of recursive ops so I suggested they change the default state to just be a max operation, which it now is. Saves me time making clean plates.

The “circle ring outline” preset of the blur node was something I whipped up and asked if they could put it in the software and now I use that badboy daily. Saved myself weeks of adjusting the defocus kernel at this point.



I saw that you submitted to entries to the Flame Feedback portal. Sorry if it wasn’t clear, but that was not the proper thing to do in your case.

This portal is to request new features/functionalities that are not in Flame at the moment.

Defects/Bugs must be reported to the support team through the following procedure: Technical support case creation procedure

While giving feedback is easy, giving good feedback is hard and many of the people giving the most feedback would do well to keep that in mind.

ok, i felt so good too to finally post. I used that link posted above. ok ill see if i can delete them.

I too blame co3 for having to smash Link Sources

At some point they stopped shooting in that tunnel in downtown LA that was a patchwork of filth. It was always a treat to clean that up… over and over and over


I wish. Just cleaned it up for millionth time on my last spot—transient folks and their shopping baskets and all.

My second pet-peeve are those car2car shots on San Vicente and it’s tangled mess of telephone wires, potholes and school buses.

My heart is bleeding :drop_of_blood:

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Here’s two quite specific minor quibbles:

When switching from a 1Up to 2Up view: rather than beiong presented your current view and a new view you’re given two predetermined views (schematic and default cam). This is almost never the behaviour I want.

When organising libraries you can’t manually organise by default, you have to create a localised sort first and then select unsorted which always strikes me as annoyingly irrational.

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feature request/bug report.

It’s the only way.



Bit of a fiddle to send feedback, I’m sure not intentionally so!


Ha! It isn’t easy is it. I find that nothing is very obvious on the Autodesk website.

Just in case anyone else is struggling I’ll put this link here:

Flame Feedback procedure