What are facilities charging for Nuke?

I have a pretty good idea of what flame rates are in diff markets, but I was wondering if anyone knows what companies/facilities charge for Nuke comping when bidding.


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The big 3 don’t distinguish between flame and nuke. They do talent-based on experience. Rate cards, before major discounts, are typically 3-4 times day rates.

bump I’d like to know this too!

I’ve seen places charge client $2k/day (8 hour day) for Nuke on the bid.

It all depends, but, most of the time, in North America, in commericals, they don’t differentiate between Nuke and Flame. They differentiate between a Lead and a Compositor. And their rate cards are 3-4 times what the talent costs them. So if a shit hot Lead Nuke comper that can solve any problem, present to clients, do the conform too, slap some legals on it, is ballpark $1200 a day, the studio is charging probably 5 times that. If its a comper, or junior, they are probably paying $600-900 a day and multiplying that by 3.


I know our company charges around £800 per day. For us its about £250 an hour which means when we bid we get beat hands down by the nuke guys for alot of things. Charging that when its not a client attended session really annoys me.

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