New flex token licensing

Ok Ive read what this is all about and a token based system when I can pay for each day I need flame would actually be pretty nice.

BUT; what is going on with the pricing?!

  • Flame is 18 tokens/Day
  • 1 Token = $3

that seems to be rather extreme and only worth it over a monthly rental if I use it for like 7 days only…?

ok maybe if I look at it like a car rental vs leasing or buying maybe then it makes sense … wow

One thing though, this encourages people working long days if they pay per 24hour of useage :frowning:

Would have preffered to see hourly pricing, would go well with the future of cloud workstations.

It’s likely that larger studios use tokens for the simple reason that they may scale up and down on a daily basis and that may be from 50-75 to 100+ across the globe. They are also likely negotiating steep discounts as their licensing fees for Flame are more than some smaller shop’s yearly revenue.

That could be a good system for some of us that sometimes run our own flame and bill for it and sometimes control someone else’s flame and since our bookings are likely 1-10 days ish then there ya go.

As the form says, if you’re a full time flame artist needing a license then a subscription makes sense. A yearly brings down the cost to $400 a month on average.

What shit is this? The ADSK account login stuff was bad enough, now tokens? They literally have no shame in the amount of fucking they are willing to do of their customers.


I’m a freelancer and switched from monthly licenses to an annual license at the beginning of 2022. Only recently I’ve found out about Flex licensing.

As I often switch from working on my machine with my license to working on a facility’s machine over Teradici (now owned by HP, thanks consolidation! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:), a benefit I see is that I may be able to go back to monthly licenses and use some tokens to handle those one-off client requests that are guaranteed to come in the week after my monthly expires: can you change the pricepoint, we need to update the legal, can you make a generic, etc.

Much better burning $54 of tokens for a single-day fixit versus buying another monthly.

BTW… damn, ADSK has really jacked up the monthly, annual, & 3-year prices in the past few months. Earlier this year the 3-year license was in the $11Ks.

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 23.14.00

You don’t have to use it. It is one more option for places that want to frequently grow / shrink the amount of licences they use.


Yeah I think it’s really useful as an option. I’m a freelancer that often get other freelancers to work alongside me. This can be great for that!

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If you need to scale up quickly, say put in a whole lot of Flame in cloud for a short job then it makes financial sense. Especially if you are on-charging the cost to the client.