DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel with Flame?

Hey all!

Anyone knows if the DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel works with Flame?
Looking into having Resolve and Flame on the same system and in need of a control surface.
Tangent Element is also an option but the Resolve one has more functionality.


I don’t think there is any way of making the Micro Panel work with Flame. I use a Tangent Elements with Flame, and it’s great. The supplied mapping for Resolve is not very good, but you can create a custom map with the new Warp Engine software from Tangent. Seems like quite a hassle though.

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Blackmagic Design does not provide third party developers API for their panels.

Tangent offers the Tangent Hub so anybody can extend their products with their control surfaces.

Thanks for the confirmation, figured as much but thought I ask anyway. Cheers!

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Sooner will Davinci Resolve work on AJA boards than Resolve Panels work in other software. Only Tangent works in both software, with one small problem - they do not work in Linux Resolve, only Windows/Mac. Flame linux is OK.

Ah ok … thanks, good to know!