Tangent Wave - anyone using one with Flame?

decided to pull the old TangentWave panel out of the cupboard and try using it with Flame. I’m surprised it works after a decade in storage, but it does feel incredibly limited in its navigation and sensitivity.

Has anyone managed to get a Wave working in a way that actually makes it viable? if so…How?

The only video is can find showing a control panel in use with Flame is the one @La_Flame did for the Element panels, and that looks great…

…but the Wave - its impossible to navigate to functions, and the page of settings shown on the Flame help is pretty pointless. Just a long list of functions with no clue how to access them (saying “use the button to…” without defining the button is no help when there are over 40 buttons!)

I tried opening the Tangent Mapper app and even though the Flame settings are loaded, and there are pages of tabs for different settings - nothing shows on the displays in the app, so i haven’t a clue what has been setup.

Would be fantastic to be able to use this kit again, so i am really hoping someone has some advice on how to get it more workable.

did you make the use of the old TangentWave? I am interested to see what can be done with it as it looks great for on site work. Also there is a new software for it called wave booster 2 look it up where you can extend the use on Resolve 17 - looks like it gives a great new life to it. I don’t have the Wave panel yet but have one locally that I can get for only 200 EUR. I am planning on learning Flame as I want to integrate it with Resolve and the cloud option sounds good way to get into Flame.

not really…it works but feels very restrictive as the controls don’t feel intuitive. You need to do lots of looking through menus to find the button needed for a function. The point of a panel is to work by touch without having to stare at the panel, yet for me the way the Tangent is setup just feels like its getting in the way of grading rather than helping. I don’t do enough grading to be able to give it the time i need to really learn the combination of Flame and Wave, so it lives under the desk now.

I have looked at this link Tangent Wave & Wave2 Control Surfaces | Flame Products 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network and it seems pretty intuitive as far as this mapping shows. Wondering why its hard to find any more user experiences with this panel. Looked everywhere around even YT has little info on the original Wave as it is.

I like my Tangent wave for Flame and Premiere, but it’s frivolous. Sometimes it’s nice to scrub through a clip with one hand while manning the stylus and making tweaks to an axis with the other. There’s certain instances where it feels nice to do the final tweaks to a color match with knobs and dials. But it’s not necessary at all, and I wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t found an insane deal.