Speed Editor support

hi there. would it be possible to support the resolve speed editor. its very handy for transport controls and ins and outs and data entry. would be very handy with flame.


Hi Jon,

There is no support for the resolve speed editor panel. I doubt very much many other applications will support a product that is mainly designed for its dedicated software application.

If you want something similar for Flame, may I suggest looking at the Tangent Panels? I would specifically look at the “multi-function” Element panel for transport controls like the speed editor.


Stephane would be able to give you a more accurate breakdown of the functions and you can also remap functions if required.

Hope this helps.

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Way to go

You can just buy the transport panel if that’s all you need.

so they’re good are they - work properly with flame?

I sometimes use the transport and timeline features but I mostly use the panels for grading. If I didn’t have the computer keyboard in front of the tablet I think I would use the panels more. Nearly everything is accessible

Or smoke hot keys work very well for this sort of thing.

Someone had gotten the speed editor to work for premiere & FCP

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I see you have the Angry Face Rings and trackerballs :smile: That is a nice upgrade. I have the same and had the rubber surface stripped and powdercoated on all 4. I love it.

I was going to send the panels away to get the rubber stripped off but it was cost prohibitive.

It was just only a few days ago i attempted to fix the sticky rubber issue and tried different cleaning products but nothing worked. I then tried this product called wd40 ( my Aussie friends will know of it) and amazingly the rubber started coming off. It took me about 2 hours to scrape off the rubber with a scotch scourer. Im so pleased with the result.