We made a DCVgui to be sort of a connection manager to supplement the bare bones DCV Viewer.



Nice! (Get it?)

Heya @ALan

This is so cool that you made this. Very straightforward and pretty amazing that you just went and made a manager program like that.

Quick little thing- NiceDCV is how our company connects to our cloud Flames for a little over a year and change now. We think it’s great too. While it is barebones, from what I can tell, I’m pretty sure it does have the feature you’re looking for–albiet not nearly as organized as you have. But it’s where the little “Save Connection As…” button that you can access once you are already connected to a session and you have (in your case) clicked on the Hamburger in the upper right corner. This allows you to save out a file that you can then use as a shortcut to (similar to your manager) save your data but prompts you for a password.


Just spreading the word for those who might not need to manage multiple connections like you’ve built, but still want to save a few seconds with their one connection they use every day.

Also leaving this link here so it’s all in one place…


Yup… my users aren’t sophisticated enough to deal with that. Needed something presented in a simple manner, similar to Teradici client.

If you do want to save out Connection settings from DCV Viewer itself, just put them in ~/.config/dcvgui and they should show up.

Also, if you are intent on saving your password in the connection file, you could do it manually. DCVgui wouldn’t care, it just basically launces DCV Viewer and passes a connection file name to it.