AWS flame - pressure sensitivity issue - anyone else?

Hiya all. I’m trying to get more literate in flame-in-cloud, using aws. I’m pleased to say that I’ve got a machine running well (2023.3 rocky linux) but it doesn’t seem to be responding to pressure sensitivity from my wacom intuous pro.

Has anyone seen this issue? Not a lot of info on the web.

nothing to do with cloud, everything to do with what remote desktop protocol you are using.

In 2023 with HP Z Anywhere, default install on the server side, all you should have to do is this :arrow_up:


Thanks, all. I see that most are using Teradici to connect, I’m trying nice dcv, as it’s standard on AWS. There’s precious little information on pressure sensitivity that I’ve found so far.

Graphic tablets, gamepads, and smart card readers are automatically supported by NICE DCV and do not require USB remotization to be used.

I never got pressure to work either, but I also spent very little time testing. Open a support case with Nice. It is free.

With nice you have to add some lines to xorg.conf

documented here: Enabling touchscreen and stylus support - NICE DCV

This works for me

Oh cool… I missed this, but it is the crucial sentence, as Flame world uses the “console session”

  • However, some additional configuration is required to enable the features on console sessions hosted on Linux NICE DCV servers.

Thanks for this, really appreciate it. However, I already implemented that stuff. Pen works, just no pressure sensitivity. Pressure is constant.

You’re getting pressure sensitivity?

Maybe I should take another look.

Thanks again!

Just wondering if anyone is using Nice DCV and whether or not pressure sensitivity issues have been solved.

I can’t remember if I ever got pressure with NiceDCV, but I had all sorts of other issues that make Teradici look great in comparison.

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I seem to remember that someone had played around with NiceDCV in testing for Flame on the cloud and weren’t impressed.