Deep Compositing?

Does Flame supports deep compositing? As in Deep EXR depth data?

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Negative Deep Comp… is that a new tech?
Just kidding… Thanks Randy, good to know.
Not ditching Nuke yet. :wink:

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Yeah this comes up very few years. Some are dying for it, most are mreh about it since we’re typically…and…I saythis with all the respect in the world…not doing the super nasty technical CG compositing in Flame.

Yes. These days they are definitely a most when it comes to big shots (if you want to get them done faster). But even on simpler A over B over C comps they could be a time saver… and a disk space waster.
I have seen artists asking for it when there is really no need tho.

I’m curious about it, but it seems like it’s only useful for big CG shots. I’d love to hear how it’s actually used, because all I know is “multiple depth samples” and “giant files”. Haha.

I guess the main take away is that you don’t have to worry about what is in front of what. So when you merge several elements the layering is taken care of, with proper antialiasing for edges, including motion blurred ones. This may sound simplistic as you can just layer things say, in Action, and that’s it. Deeps come to the rescue if you get a CG pass with a lots of assets in depth and you need to put your keyed element in between all that. That would be just a merge node… ad maybe setting the depth… layering is automatic.
For simpler shots this is also beneficial, like comping Jane in the hand of Kong and having all that hair properly layered in front and back.
Lately I have seen even more technical uses of deeps taking advantage of the fact you can have several samples per pixel por pases like Position and Normals. This helps with tasks like comp adjustable CG mattes and Normal based relighting with proper antialiasing.


Hugo has a better explanation here:

go to 00:18:00

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