EXR compositing in Flame (Flare) 2022

Hi. I’m looking to composite a EXR sequence, it’s been a while, due to working on other stuff. Looking for advice / best tutorial? Example: using “the image toolset Part 5 - 3D selective” and some things are not lining up. “Scene Linear” (from older tutorial) in the Z-depth control section is no longer a menu option. Also, “exposure selective” is not available in the latest matchbox collection, that I’ve found? So can’t CC my Z-depth matte. Running Flare 2022 on Linux - Legacy - HD @ 23.976. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks you in advance!

As with all things, it’s hard to give complete advice without seeing the specific images, but maybe some of my thoughts will help:

When adjusting depth maps, I usually use a color corrector to normalize the values. That said I dislike all the Depth Map DoF tools available in flame, so I mostly avoid them. When forced I use the DoF node in batch. I hear Frischluft’s LensCare is good.

Flame’s “legacy” color policy is all kinds of bad, and is unlikely to make anything rendered in the last five years look correct. My hunch is the devs left it as the default because they get yelled at a lot when things change (see: the year 2013), but setting the color policy to ACES will (or should) make viewing and working with Scene Linear images simpler.

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If it helps - here’s the exposure 3d selective matchbox to download.

Exposure3DSelective.mx.zip (243.4 KB)

Thank you Andy. This does help! Yesterday was “color space” study day. And I’m making progress. Mostly dpx 10 bit for broadcast, and don’t have to worry about much else, but this really opens my eyes. Went back to G Kay Simple Linear Workflow, and ACES 1.0 tutorials to get a clean start on this subject. Sheesh! Were does the time go? I’m working on a color space policy discussion for our shop to discuss.

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thank you! I’ve downloaded it and will use it!

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