Is there any hope for flame in the future for compositing?

Hey hive, I ve been a subscriber of this amazing group for a long time but this is my first post. Time to vent. Is there any hope for flame in the future for compositing?

I have been using flame for more than 15 years and nuke for the last 7 years. Lately, I had a couple of massive and highly challenging projects and I felt totally disappointed with flame, to the point that I will never use or recommend flame for compositing if nuke is available unless the project is really simple. Full disclosure, I was using flame 2021.

My biggest problem is how difficult is to work using plates from cg or anything related to cg( cg scene , cameras , geos, etc). Working with multilayered exr is painful and slow. The 3d environment is a nightmare and very prone to simple errors . You need an st map for the camera distortion and even with it, you need to spend a while to make it work properly.

I am not saying that it can’t be done, just that it takes way more time and work than nuke to get a good result.

The scripts tend to be overcomplicated because there is no embedded layers in the nodes. That and the individuality of every flame artist ( something that I see as the strongest quality except for this) makes very difficult to take over and continue other’s flame’s artists scripts.

Another thing that I don’t understand ( or maybe I don’t know how to do it) is when you render your batch , why there isn’t an internal open Clip? So you render an it gets directly into the edit without having to export the shot? I saw some function in the literature but I wasn’t able to make it work( again I’m using 2021) and every time I ask, no one knows.

As I said at the beginning I am only complaining about the compositing part, I ve using flame for a long time and I love it, especially all the editorial, color and how flexible it is but let me know if there is some hope for the future because it looks very bad for flame compositors.


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Just because I have Sriracha in my fridge doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to use and love Cholula.

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Hello kakariko and welcome to Logik.

Logik has many members that are Nuke experts and I hope some of them will contribute to this thread.

adding on, kakariko –

Flame thrives when solving difficult composites that source from a complicated edit that mixes images from multiple colorspaces, of various frame rates, at all frame sizes.

If your workflow is focused on delivering 3D then Nuke may be the best tool for you to use.


…who are doing extensive CG shots.

I would not damn the software because Nuke does something better; Nuke has had that specific market locked down for fifteen years.

Flame could definitely be better with Multi-channel stuff.

I used to think flame should have an internal open clip system, but I’ve been working off a server for two years now and it’s so much better. Sharing setups is faster, moving media is instant, archives are tiny, and renders are human-readable and organized. Keep the framestore for timeline renders for playback and that’s it.