Default preferences - do most people use them or do you have to change them

Every-time we upgrade software I have to change the default prefs to my prefs - mainly I change the snap with positioner pref, the library lock pref, the show batch iteration prefs, the burn groups pref, my Color Monitors prefs, the “follow iteration” pref on write nodes. Wondering if others have to reset a bunch of default prefs too.


Once upon a time I used preferences.
Then I left that job and did independent work.
Then I got my first flame.
Then I started the beta thing.


And not for a long time.
Life is short.
I even have slip on shoes now.


Isn’t this something available in the python hooks?
Can’t you get your dev team to write you something?

I’m in the same boat as Phil. Used to have my own prefs, now I’m fine with the defaults.

I’ll change a few things here and there as they come up, but it’s mostly all defaults all the time.

Changing workstations often is why I work mostly with default Flame settings so I’m not at all dependent on my prefs

I’m not in favour of having special hot keys. It becomes a pain every upgrade, new user or just hopping on to help someone. The default works fine for me but then I am a right handed.

I used to like turning off the auto add image in action.

Long overdue. This is one of those things that could be solved by Autodesk, esp with that whole single sign in biznazz. Your prefs, hotkeys, etc, could follow you wherever you log on.

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Except for when there is no internet access due to security restrictions, or the whole studio uses a single generic licensing login, because the new security schema is horrid for any scenario that is “>1”.

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Oh well. A guy can dream, can’t he? :rofl:


Tying a notoriously-corruptable Flame user to being able to run the software at all seems…fraught with peril.

This is a mystery to me. Shouldn’t this just be a simple text file at this point?

You’d think, and yet here we are creating new users to get around bugs in TYOOL 2021.

I just had to look up TYOOL in the urban dictionary.

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You can’t just expect a preference file from an old version to work 100% in a new one because they add new stuff in all the time.

Same goes with hotkeys.

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I just wish when you turn off Viewport Monitoring in the prefs, it would remember that for every project. Why else is it in the user preferences?