Transfer user settings to new machine

Hi All.
Is it possible to transfer your user to a new machine setup. 90 percent of my work i do on my own machine but once in a while Im asked to hop in at another studio and use their machine and suddenly Im back to the dark ages :slight_smile: My speed is my keyboard shortcuts (i’ve been changing them up through the years). Also missing all of my custom batch setups. Would be great to just have a usb with my user on it and just be able to plugin in and install somehow :slight_smile:


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Hi there. Yes, I’ve been porting around my user and ever evolving hot keys for decades. You don’t even need a usb stick, just email yourself a zip file. I’ll get back to you on this post-caffeine.

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I’ve never taken a user from facility to facility before but in theory it should be relatively easy.

Your user profile is at /opt/Autodesk/user/[Your User]/

If you bundle up those files and then transfer them to the same location on a different Flame you will have moved your user. Then open Flame and create a user with the exact same name as [Your User]. If the username at the file path and the one you create in Flame match then the program will load your transferred settings.

I’ve succesfully used settings from earlier versions with more current versions without issue but it’s recommended that your user be generated by the same version of the software that you open it in.

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Man this was way easier than i expected haha… Im usually pretta scared when it comes to messing with flames folder structure, always seems to be alot going on and easy to mess up :slight_smile: But this is great, worked like a charm!

This convo inspired me to set my 91st and 92nd custom hotkeys - previous keyframe and next keyframe. Really helps in roto land.

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Hah! I only have 4 custom hotkeys, and those are two of them!

Good to know. I had an issue yesterday where Flame crashed my Linux box. After reboot it didn’t see my user (must have corrupted the user.db). The user folder was still there, just wouldn’t read it. I restored both from the previous’ days backup. But I guess I could have tried to just re-add the user to load it. Will do next time this happens (hopefully not).

this topic always wanted me to create a script that I could sync my user to the cloud and easily transfer everything to any machine with a click of a button, think fonts, python, keyboard, bookmarks, openfx, lens flares, matchbox and any useful action/ batch setups I like to bring, I realize this is bigger than user but its all the stuff I typically carry from version to version that I would love a quick cloud user sync.

If only we logged into Flame using an email address and password… :slight_smile: