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Been trying to use the newer Search Function. I’ve saved the out to a file. Every time I change projects I need to reload the presets. Is this expected?

The Search Preferences are supposed to be persisted in your Flame user profile. So if you have two project using the same software version you shouldn’t have to export a file and re-import it. That function should be used only when you want to import your preference in a new Flame user profile.

If you create a user and do not have the same preferences across multiple projects you should contact support so they can investigate the issue.

Thank you Fred. In the event that creating a new user does keep the search function persistent, is there a way to create a new user and load in my 40 or so hot keys without having to re enter them?

You can select the Copy From option in the Create New User window and select from which user you want to copy the shortcut from.

This isn’t ADSK supported, but what I’ve done for years is copy the entire user files from old to new. Hotkeys are kept.

(In the OS)

Copying using the Flame interface while creating a user, I’ve found hotkeys often don’t transfer - at least not all of them.

This will also work. The only problem with copying shortcuts (and this is true for the in-app solution) is this:

  1. You create a user in Version A
  2. You assign a shortcut to a keystroke that is not assigned by default. Shift-Spacebar-P for example.
  3. We release version B in which we have assigned something to Shift-Spacebar-P by default
  4. You create a new user in Version and copy the shortcut from Version A

In that case, a conflict will occur and you won’t be notified about it.

Heya Fred. This is true. With new releases I do sometimes have to reassign my custom keys.

That’s what I always do. Probably have to call support since even if I load my search presets and then immediately create a new user, they do not persist.
I does work if I create a completely new user however.

Interesting, that folder doesn’t exist in previous users. If you create it by copying it into your current user, it will work. Bit of a bug I guess.