Default projects settings of for Autodesk footage/projects

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Are the default project settings (e.g. frame rate of 23.976 and 1920x1080) the preferred settings for new projects using footage from Autodesk, like that?



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So the project settings are defaults when you create sequences. They have nothing to do with what you can and can’t do in a project. It’s a starting point. To be honest, for years I have just left the 1920x1080 23.98 default. But you can create absolutely whatever sequence or comp resolution, framerate and bit depth you want wherever you want.

It’s not that important. Don’t sweat those details too much. The details matter when it comes to your sequence and what you need that to be.

Make sense?

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I never changed the project setting to anything else than HD 25p as this is standard for Europe.
But as Randy said: you can do everything else too in the same project.

Main parameters for me are the settings for the individual sequence (which can be whatever you like) and that my broadcast is set to that parameters (which can be changed in preferences at any time).

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It’s funny, but for the nearly 12 years that I’ve been back in the states, it’s sat parked in 23.98 HD until about 2 months ago. It’s now set to 23.98 UHD where I imagine it will stay parked for 10 more years.

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Why UHD? Are you doing episodic/feature stuff now, or are you getting asked to finish spots in UHD?

I’ve been finishing spots in UHD for almost 2 years, as we usually shoot Phantom 4K and deliver various social media versions. But we’re a production company so it pays in the long run.

The number of commercial projects asking for a UHD deliverable has crossed the threshold where it makes sense.

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Right on. We’ve yet to be asked for UHD. Thanks!

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