Change framerate of current project


Is it a good idea to change the fps of a current project (in “Edit Project”)? Does that depend of the type of footage?

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How I made this clip:
Right-clicked stills/shots and choosed Splice Selected. Then clicked on another Reel to make a single clip of all the frames.

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Projects don’t really have “framerate” settings. Think of those as merely defaults. You can change anything to whatever.


interesting… does that also mean that it’s possible to have footage with different fps-setting in the same timeline?

Yes. And no. You can fit any timeline with whatever you want, but, obviously, a timeline has its own framerate. So, you can add a 29.97fps clip to a 23.976 timeline, but then you have to choose do you want to keep the 29.97fps clip running at its original “clock time”, by timewarping it 125%, or, play it at 23.976, and it effectively runs slow?

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Thank’s for the promt feedback and that you mentioned the thing with the timewarp:)

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Sure thing. Theres a preference somewhere in Flame / Preferences, I think its called “Auto Timewarp” and it automagically assigns the right timewarp for you…so, I 24fps going into 25 does a 96% (or is it 104%?), a 24 to 30 does an 80%,etc…

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