Config Template in create new project

Hello all

during creation of a new project there is the possibility to select a Config Template".

The resolution of my footage for this single shot project is 3072 x 2048 (tiff).
But for this strange kind of resolution, there is no pre-defined Config Template to select :frowning:

What Config Template should i select ?

Thanks a lot!

You can create a new project at any resolution. I would suggest one that works with your video hardware and settings. Flame will automagically resize your timeline to display properly and you can work with any resolution you want.

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Hmm… does that mean “Config Template” hat nothing to do with the project resolution but rather, how the timeline it’s displayed on the monitor (in my case, a iMac 27", Retina 5K) ?

Yes, and the config rather adjusts how you see it on your video output device: Black Magic Design or AJA…

Is it normally recommended to select a resolution which comes close to the resolution of the footage (i am asking that because there is no Config Template for 3072-x-2048)?