Distort shape not tracking and gmask not tracking with multi feature detection

I’m using flame 2024 in my facility on linux

Facing 2 issues that happen in bfx when duplicating a clip onto another upper layer and creating a bfx on that source clip

  1. In the distort module, after creating a spline and tracking it, the track information is not applied to the spline.

  2. When creating a gmask in gmask tracer or a gmask in action, when tracking using multi feature algorithm and pressing f8. The blue tracking dots only appear outside the shape and it does not track, the dots are static.

I mainly work on film using 16bit floating point openexr. Tried on 8bit jpg sequence for the same scan and 8bit resized to hd res on import. Same results in bfx.

This works if I create a gap layer or if I load the clip in batch.

I prefer the bfx method.

Are there any settings I need to change?
Is anyone else facing the same issues in flame 2024?

Thanks for reading this and any inputs would be great as I’m in the thick of a delivery.

Have a great day ahead :grinning:

Hi, it’s odd if it’s working in batch and not bfx. try and see what the difference is between the two. Colour space in bfx vs batch?

Interesting. Personally I always use bfx and have never figured out the multi feature detection algorithm. Apparently it does not work in bfx but it does work in batch as you mention. This is a bug in my humble opinion…

Please make a video recording and report it to Autodesk…

Thanks so much for your valuable inputs @Sinan and @johnag .

My company has raised a support case with Autodesk.

Have a good rest of a flaming day. Cheers