Planar track multi feature detection

Hi everyone,

This us on flame 2024
When I try to do planar tracking with multi feature detection. The blue trackers remain static and outside the gmask shape. It does not track the shape.
This is working on the other flame.

I get this error in the console
virtual void CProcessCC::computeHistogramData(int, double) : cc121 : PPIPCopy:Platform is not valid

Any idea what this could be due to?

Thanks in advance

Educated guess: Must be relying on a newer CPU/GPU feature which only exists in some systems and for which it doesn’t have a software fall-back.

@allklier thanks for replying.
A strange observation.
This is only a problem if i make a copy of a clip in the timeline and go into bfx.

If i do it on a gap layer it works and if i load the same clip in batch directly it works.

Wonder why…

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I was primarily going of the fact that it worked on your other Flame, and the specifics of the error message. Since it works on the same system if you engage it through a different path, then it’s most likely just a software bug, or knows how to handle the difference in hardware, which is still a bug.

Based on the error it appears to processing the pixel data and is trying to copy something, but the function it’s using is not valid under those circumstances. If that is going through the image pipeline (like underlying graphics API) that’s where you might trip on hardware differences. Though presumably all the features query what’s available and have proper fallbacks.

My I also may have gone into the weeds with that theory.

File a ticket and see what they say.


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Thanks @allklier I’ll request my it dept to file a ticket.