Double your Upload speed with this one trick!

  • ISPs hate this trick - full on clickbait mode engaged.

No seriously I have tried speedify now for a while as I have to suffer under german internet conditions.

And it works very well for uploading files, I have the following connections to my house.

Vodafone Docsis - 1Gbit / 50mbit
Vodafone DSL - 100/30
1&1 DSL 100/40

With speedify and a few special settings I am able to easily upload even single files to cloud storage at 120mbit/s - hundrets of Gigabyte at a time.

You just have to set transmission mode to “multiple TCP” - disable encryption(if you want) and set the mode to “speed”.

its really liberating as I cant get anythign with faster upload speeds here and I could add a skylink or 5G connection as well .

I do know of peplink and mushroom network routers and bonding systems but for the price I could just drive to my clients in a tesla everyday and bring them harddrives :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t messed with this, but it looks like a solid open source alternative to Speedify:

yea totally there is also MLVP for BSD (apparently one could get this running on pfsense…) - but You almost cant beat the price of speedify if you account for a VPS.

I mean fair enough you do get more benfits like a fixed IP and NAT to your home network erc but for just uploading stuff over night - its easy and quick to use.

You can also run speedify on a linux box and use it as a router.

oh and the streamer mode is cool as well.

What I did - because I wanted to be able to turn it on and off on the fly- is that I use 3nics in my workstation each one gets a fixed ip by the pfsense box and each is routed through a different WAN. Primary beign the 1gbit line.

then I can turn on/off speedify easily.

I actually did install openMPTCP router on a appliance and…

it works. it has a adbloicker built in, my VPS with unlimited traffic (up to 400/400) costs me a easy 2Euro a month.

What are the aggregate Up/Down speeds you get with this setup?

With this cheap VPS 400/160 with my larger VPS (with 2.5G WAN) its like 600/160

its a 1G/50 70/30 100/40 and LTE