EmberGen 1.0 Launch

Its out of Beta!



This looks pretty incredible. Any of the preset sims he’s showing before would’ve taken at least overnight to analyze and render.

$400 perma-license.


I’ve been using the Beta and it is “easy” to setup a pretty good fire or explosion. Any Flame guy would understand the interface in a couple of hours. Also, I don’t know why if I track a camera in Flame and export it as FBX, EmberGen won’t read it properly. Now, this test was done on the Beta. It may work properly in 1.0

A Syntheyes track works perfect with EG.

Try Alembic? Or maybe round trip it through Syntheyes or another app.

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You can export ABC as VVB

Wow this looks great!

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Julio, do you know if you can use your own custom textures with the particles system?
(Or your own geo for particles?)


I love the “every preset is like a mini tutorial” aspect of it.

We actually have a job coming up that needs cannon fire :hugs:


Yes, you can use custom textures and geometry as emitters and occluders

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this is sooo much fun to mess with…

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who’s purchased the 1.0 and used it on a job.

I’m going to need to light someones hair on fire next month… so might try this…

Verrrrry cool. Wanting a souped up GFX card now…

From quick testing, it works great on a Linux threadripper maxed out GPU.

Its pretty impressive. That whispy smoke preset must be gold for some people here.

What platforms does it run on?

Linux and Windows

Yesterday I installed AmberGen in my Flame box and it seems to run very slow. I was previously using it as beta on Windows on the same hardware and it was super fast.

I was wondering that maybe the nVidia drivers provided for Flame don’t play well with this app.

It’s running fast on my Linux. Dunno.