Particle smoke in Flame

Hi All,
I have a job where i need to add some subtle smoke to a red hot cattle prod that is moving around quite quiclky in each shot. (20 plus shots) Stock footage isnt going to work as it wont trail correctly. I’m going to try and give this a go in Flame, surely i must be able to do this!! Has anyone got any tips here or should i give up now and get someone to do it in embergen??
Many thanks as always M

I feel like @Sinan might have some thoughts. Might also have some tutorials already that look into it

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I go into details of creating a smoke setup in Episode 2 and 3 in my old videos from 5 years ago. Also I have two free episodes on Logik Academy Pro.

But it will get nowhere near Embergen if you want something volumetric. Subtle we can do…

DM me if you want to discuss.


Thank you very much ill take a look at your vids…I’ll also send you one of the shots on Monday to take a look at to see what your thoughts are. Many thanks.

Recently did some work on Embergen. Is stupid easy. Let me know of any questions.
You can probably even find some readymade preset for what you want.


Seriously, you want to do this in Embergen.


Wow. Cool bit of software. Maybe good to do a logik live? @andymilkis


I tried EmberGen on both Linux and Windows and the Win version seems to run way faster.

Do you guys render straight inside EmberGen or export to a different renderer? And I guess the native renderer only works in 8 bit?

You can render straight out of Embergen. You can do EXR including multilayer, with various sims contributions. You take this approach to render static elements you can the track in comp. You can also import FBX scenes bring cameras for your output and geo for emissions and collisions. The main advantage of doing it from within Embergen is that the render is GPU accelerated.
I personally export VDB caches I can bring in Blender or Gaffer for more complex lighting and deep output.


I tried 3D tracking in flame but EmberGen did not liked the Flame exported FBX. Had to go through SynthEyes. Yeah! The the renderer inside Ember is very fast.