EVENT: Logik Get-Together @ IBC Amsterdam 2022

It’s been a long time since the IBC took place and now it’s finally here again.

My friend @ChrZap and I thought we would take the opportunity to meet up again in the community.
To this in mind, we have organised a table at Waterkant on Saturday evening, 10 September 2022 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM CEST.

We ask everyone to get a free Eventbrite ticket (Link also down below)
These will no longer be available from 3 September to give us time to respond to contingencies.

Our friends from Digital Production and Creative Tools are kindly supporting us. Many thanks in advance!

We look forward to every person, great conversations and delicious drinks!


Chris and Chris


Ooh! That looks fun! Ya know what? I’LL BE THERE!


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Booked. Awesome @randy , will be an epic weekend.

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Thanks Chris,
Thanks Zappi,

Count me in. I am happy to see you guys again.
Best greetings


Only almost two weeks left until the meeting. But only one more to secure tickets.

We already have more than 20 tickets out.

Come by too! It will be a fun evening.

And spread the word! :partying_face:

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I’ll be there, do you know if AUtodesk will be at IBC, or somewhere els in AMsterdam?

Was a bit late in deciding. The tickets seem to be sold-out. We can still drop by, yeah?

Just show up.
Tickets are currently out as we are waiting for confirmation that we will get more tables. Currently, many more have signed up than could be foreseen… which is a good thing!

The Place usually keeps a lot of tables for walk ins, so you should be fine.

Happy to see you there!

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Hello, fellow Logikians!

Just a quick reminder that our little get-together is happening tonight starting at 19:30 at the Waterkant. in case you don’t see us right away, just ask for the Logik reservation.

Looking forward to see you all there!

Chris & Christoph

Is the enough space for the late birds ?

We can’t guarantee that everybody will have a seating place. But it’s quite a large location so we’re sure that it’ll be fine.
See you there!

Hey @ChrisKasten and @ChrZap,

Thank you once again for organizing the event on Saturday. It was great to finally meet you guys face to face. And all the fellow Flame artists and developers, @Sean1985 @hildebrandtbernd @inti.martinez @Delforgey @Gummihuhn @Pedrosantos @Slabrie
Apologies that I can’t remember everyone - a bit hazy…

Also, please thank Bela and Gills (?) and Creative Tools for the drinks…


It was so awesome to see all of you!!
Looking forward to similar events that are near enough for me to attend!!

Cheers and shout out to the organizers!!

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Thanks to all the cool kids who made their way to the get together! It was fun to see you outside a web browser :wink:

Thanks to @ChrisKasten and Christoph for the hard work and ordering a nice sunset instead of the planned rainy night :wink:


After catching up on a few days of sleep, I also want to say a huge thank you for everyone who came.

Also a big thanks to @Jens_Herold from creative tools for the drinks and to Bela from DP and @Slabrie and Steve from Autodesk for the merch.

It was incredibly fun and screams for a repeat! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Also wanted to thank everybody that showed up and thanks to our lovely sponsors For Drinks, merch and footwear…

ICYMI here is some photographic evidence of that evening… and, dear patrons, we’re sorry(not really) for crashing the Zoom Chat…