Poll: Logik Meetup @ IBC Amsterdam

Hey guys,

My buddy @ChrZap and I are planning a Logik Meetup on Saturday night, September 10, 2022, in Amsterdam during IBC.

Our @FriendsFromAutodesk are very happy to support the idea.

To estimate the scope, we wanted to ask here who of you would like to attend.

Feel free to tell everyone around and let them vote.
We look forward to seeing you!

Chris and Chris

  • Count me in!
  • Maybe, but don’t count on me.
  • Not this time, but love you anyway <3

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I would love to join, but can’t make it this year. Hope to see you all soon! :slight_smile:

said yes, can change over time… :slightly_smiling_face:
would love to meet up again

Finally IBC is happening, count me in, just don’t know how to get there yet :smiley:

Tram 4 from Central station :slight_smile: lol


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Got a carpool running, so getting there is safe right now.
Weekend will be great