Export Action geo/locators?

My CG guy is asking me to export my Action scene with geo & axes/locators for him to line up to my pre-vis. I’m only aware of being able to export FBX cameras. Is there other functionality I’m not aware of? Exporting geo as FBX or ABC, with axes?

I export Action FBX to Cinema4D all the time. When you export have checked “Export Axes” and you will get axises as nulls in C4D. Not sure about other 3D software.

In addition to any cameras you have in the scene you will also get a “perspective” camera that is the Shift-F4 camera in Action. Just make sure your 3D artist knows to trash that or ignore it.


As for the geo… it should export if it’s standard geo. I don’t know if 3D text or shapes from gmask extrusion will come across correctly.

Hey thanks, B. Will try this tomorrow.

If memory serves, you need to explicitly select the action objects you want to be exported.