FBX export/import

Hey brain,
Has anyone had any luck importing FBX from Flame into C4D?
I have animated FOV and FBX just never get these right… Never translates correctly.
Yes, I could pretty reality get a scaling factor and fix it like that, but come on, in 2022 this stuff should be a one click operation…

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Paging @Grant. This still accurate?

Hi! it’s been a while since that test but it’s still its worth a go. If I get the time (after this job) I’d like to document properly & post…I hope it lines up in the meantime😀

Hey Grant,
Yeah its still the problem.
I can also fix it, am just getting really tired of having to go through this every time.
Wondering if this will ever be a smooth process, hmmm…

yeah, that would be great if they could sanitise it a little

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Hi @Jesper ,

Please note that Flame has two different cameras in Action: “Camera” and “3D Camera” or FBX Camera. Check it and see the different values/concepts for each one. If you try to export an FBX with the default camera it won’t work. You need to add a new FBX camera, and only then export the FBX, and it will go smoothly.

Sometimes the problem comes if you did camera track in flame, as it uses the “regular” camera by default, and personally don’t know how to translate the keyframes/values to the FBX camera.

When you get a camera track done in Syntheyes, Equilizer… always comes as a 3D Camera.

I hope this helps


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