Expression for mux freeze frame offset?

I have a mux node frozen at frame 26 does anyone know if that can be dynamically added to an expression to a slip node downstream? I don’t see freeze in mux node as an animation so I am assuming it can’t be done but hopefully someone has done this in an expression before?

Use two muxes instead. Slip with the first mux to the frame integer you want to freeze then feed that into a second mux and freeze frame zero. The slip value of the first mux can be copied and linked to using expressions.

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If you mean can you alter the frame that is frozen based on the value of another channel, you might find the Timewarp node can be effective. The timing channel is fully animatable and can be accessed by expressions.

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If I remember correctly

I think you can freeze the frame with a MUX and use expression on the Timing Offset (slip value).