Weird playback bug in 2024

Update: confirmed it had to do with the freeze frame copy. Filing as bug, will leave here to save someone else the heartache. Was worried for a second that I had a corrupted batch.

If you copy a node between batches and there’s a freeze frame with a frame number that is outside the current frame range, it auto adjusts to the bounds of the current segment, but frame navigation will be broken. Once you reset the freeze frame it clears up.

I’m working on a timeline and these are BFX trees, so there is a lot of copying between segments.

Running into an odd situation that’s causing playback issues. This is in 2024, but may not be specific. Anyone seen this? May file it with ADSK.

Pretty straightforward batch. Was doing some masking with tracer. All worked well. Then I added a patch with with a freeze frame and an action afterwards.

Ever since adding that that action in the node graph, the step to next frame doesn’t work. Anytime you go step forward (cursor right, tangent panel, etc.) it jumps back to the first frame, which happens to be the freeze frame. I can scrub, jump with the mouse to a specific frame, or even use open the text field for first frame and incrmenet frame numbers with cursor up and that works.

Also, this only happens if I have my view set to the context (c2) that’s at the end (past the freeze frame). If I change the view to the context just after the tracer (c3) it works normal.

Seems like having a context with a freeze frame in-between trips up the frame to frame navigation.

One additional wrinkle, this action node (freeze, action, comp) was copied from other clips on the timline, and the freeze frame auto adjusted to the segment range. Not sure if that is the corner case that makes it all happen. The original setup of these nodes was at the beginning of the sequence at a clip much before frame 690.


PS…Happy Cake Day! @allklier

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ADSK reproduced, now in the fix-it list.

Ah, took me a second to figure out. The year has flown by :slight_smile:

Liking Flame more every day, happy about the many good surprises it has. Still much to learn and get more fluent on.

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