Time offsets in Action

Is there a way to offset the timing of an animated shape when using the Replica Node (or a way to affect start times using mimic link)?

I have a shape that needs lots of duplicates each starting to animate several frames after each other, and i would rather try do this procedurally than by hand keyframing so many copies.


Id use SelectionOrder and offset timing by a multiplier.

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Replica doesn’t do that, but you can use expressions with the eval function and using SelectionOrder parameter.

So you would need to make a master animation, say on master_axis.position.x and select all your other axes’ x channels in the editor IN THE ORDER YOU WANT and write this expression:

eval ( master_axis.position.x, frame - (SelectionOrder * multiplier) )

The SelectionOrder parameter will be replaced with a value of one on the first channel you selected, with two on the second one, etc…
I usually use a control_axis to control the multiplier so that can easily be adjusted as well. There is also the Variables matchbox as an action node that you can use as, well variables :slight_smile:

I hope this helps


Thanks chaps!

Thats definitely something to play around with.