Expression to average a channel non destructively?

Hi all.

I was wondering if there is a way, with expressions to average a channel.
I made a track, which is a little shaky and would like to be able to average it non destructively, linking the average value with a dummy slider
Not sure I m clear…

Any idea?

I think an interactive average would need an accumulation buffer to calculate while keeping the original value intact. And that is not possible with expressions.

However, you could keep your original, make a very smoothed-out average channel, and use an expression to transition the values from one to the other.

Let’s say you have shaky.position.x as the original track.
Copy it and name the axis average. And average the position.x channel with 25?
Create an axis called slider
Now make another axis and in its position.x channel write:
(shaky.position.x * slider.position.x) + ((1-slider.position.x) * average.position.x)


I think this is not the same as averaging with different values but will give you some interactivity. So keep that in mind…

Best of luck

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I’ll surely try.
I also tried to take 1 frame out of x from the original track curve. But it smoothes way to much, event with 1 frame out of 2…

Is this a camera track or axis track? Smoothing or averaging camera tracks don’t always work as you expect. Things easily go wonky when you average.

Axis smoothing. It’s just that I hate the fact that the average slider is destructive and would like a more elegant solution than copying my original axis…

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