Expression like AE Wiggler


I’m kinda new to expressions, and I was wondering if anyone could help me set up something that works the same way as the Wiggler function in After Effects, ie. it creates random movement between two parameters in a channel

Thanks in advance!


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some notes i made from a while back when looking for just this feature…and one of Grants video showing various methods.

flicker (wiggle)

eval(noise(frame)*10+100, frame/20) - where 10 is amount the 0-1 value of noise is multiplied, and the 100 is added to raise the lower figure from minus numbers into positives. frame/20 spreads the animation from one value to next over 20 frames

noise gives a sine wave type function
rand gives a square wave function


Great, I’ll try these out, thank you!

FYI, we are also in production of an expressions series deep dive with our very own @Sinan on Logik Academy Pro. Will update this thread when I have more info.

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Sounds great!