Expression tutorial requests

I’m cooking up a tutorial/case discussion series. Let me know what would you like to do using expressions in Flame. Or throw around ideas…



I like to use them for creating pre-built setups that establish relationships between certain channels. For instance, why do the whole copy-axis-push-invert-button a million times when I can have a setup that automatically inverts 7 levels of stabilization. Instead of manually repoing shots one a time line to fit the raster, I can drop a prebuilt axis on it that fits any resolution source to any resolution timeline in an instant. These expressions can be complicated and they work in tandem with other expressions, so they can’t be built with any efficiency on an as-needed basis; pre-building is required. I use both of these examples on a near daily basis.

A list of all expressions with small comment would be epic. Right now it feels like all are found crumbled in different learning channel vids, forum topics and the flame documentation.


Maybe with links to examples, demos, etc.

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As someone who has found themselves on an old FX guide page with broken image links trying to puzzle together an expression I’d 100% agree.

For things like expressions, hotkeys etc, the videos are very helpful and 100% appreciated. BUT a text explanation that you can use as quick reference and quickly copy and paste from is a wonderful compliment that I know personally I’d come back to again and again.

Perfect. Give me some examples you would like to use like this:

  • offset another channel X frames
  • offset another channel X frames and divide/multiply by Y
  • make me a linear smooth noise
  • give me a smooth vector noise so I can gently rotate an object around x, y and z
  • give me rgb values that fluctuate

do these make sense for you? Any others you would like to see?

I used to love expressions. Probably just for the geekiness. But other ops picking up my setups hated them.

You know what I reckon might be fun? Things like they have in after effects like:

I do like @ytf ’s screen comper’s use of expressions. More please.

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I’m not sure if this is outside the scope of this chat but I really miss using this from nuke - anything you can do to to get this working? Can a matchbox do it and allow exportable curves?