anyone know of a good resource for learning expressions (pref with examples)?

Trying to learn anything from the online manual is a chore with everything on different pages and tiny bits of disjointed info on each.

or if you know of a good expression to tell an axis to rotate constantly at a specific speed (ie.degrees per frame…or does it need converting to radians first?).


cant’ help with the tutorial, but frame * x on a rotation channel will get you x number of degrees per frame. Example frame * 45 will give you 1/8 of a complete rotation per frame. In a real world situation I would add a variable node and link to that so the expression would read frame * Variables.Var1, or something like that. Note that I have put spaces in between the * sign and the variables. You don’t want to do that in an actual expression, but yet a new discovery of the quirks of our platform reveals that if I don’t, it does not necessarily read properly.


What Tim said.

That “frame” function is the single most important expression. The motor by which all time-based expressions run. sin(frame), noise(frame) and so on.

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thanks Peter

There was a good course on FXPHD by John Montgomery some years back. The software has moved on a lot since then but the fundamentals are the same.

Anyone still in touch with John Montgomery? Wonder if he would like to update this course?

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thanks John,

after posting my question i remembered i still had that course on my hard drive so have started re-watching it.

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