Dampening expression

I’m doing some titles for a kids show and I want to fly a selection of pictures in and out of shot over the back-plate. The pictures need a bit of bounce and character to demonstrate fun. I am using a simple expression -
eval(WOBBLE.position.x /, frame - 10
and I would like to dampen it over 50 frames. I know I need to use ‘ease’ but I don’t know the syntax. Wouldn’t you know I don’t have time to study. If anyone can help that would be great, and I can set up my other shots in the meantime.

Could you use a control axis with a value of 1 to 0 over 50 frames?

( eval(WOBBLE.position.x/,frame) - 10 ) * ctl.position.x

As your x position goes from 1 to 0 the amount is reduced and dampened?

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I use this expression when I need to give elements some bounce:

sin(PI / 2 / exp(frame / 13) * cos(frame * 2 * PI / 7)) * 17

My notes to remember how to control it :slight_smile:

sin(PI / 2 / exp(frame / #DECAY#) * cos(frame * 2 * PI / #FREQ#)) * #AMP#

I haven’t worked out how to control it completely through expressions, so I will usually get the animation feel I want with the expression and then bake the animation curve and adjust from there (slipping to the starting point I want, trailing off to zero motion when I need it to).


There’s a lot of good advice here.

There are some presets in action with text animating which I think I have used in the past to steal and modify expressions from.

Also I have titted around with expressions and felt pretty proud of myself only to look at it and think it was rubbish and hand animated it instead in 10 minutes and thought it looked much better.

Thanks everyone. Sorry it took me so long to post back.

I now have all of these saved but sadly the client did not want anything like what I was offering. Serves me right for making too literal an interpretation of the offline. I now understand that they wanted full motion graphics art direction on the piece. I was also unaware that they were expecting that their offline would provide me with the raw material for a beautiful piece of work that required no brief whatsoever.

Live and learn